My Chinese dream struggle the most beautiful youth

on the recognition of outstanding young volunteers in Xining City

to meet the 95 anniversary, the 65 anniversary of the founding of the May 4th Movement, selecting and promoting a batch of new period Lei Feng amiable, respectable young individuals and advanced collective, organize and mobilize more young people to join the ranks of volunteers, volunteer service, to further promote the city youth volunteer service and the construction of spiritual civilization, the Communist Youth League the Xining Municipal Committee, the Xining municipal civilization office, Xining Youth Volunteer Association decided to grant Xining municipal authorities: volunteer service team of 15 youth volunteer service collective "Xining outstanding youth volunteer group" honorary title, awarded Wang Dong the 30 youth volunteers "outstanding youth volunteers in Xining City," the honorary title.

hope commended the group and individual efforts, solid work, dedicate to the new development of the realization of the city’s youth volunteer service career. The city’s organizations at various levels, the majority of Young Volunteers Association, volunteer groups and individuals to be commended as an example, vigorously carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, actively participate in the volunteer service, and make new contributions to promote the city’s economic and social development!

Xining civilization

East District of small foot volunteer service teams

DOPA town of Huangzhong County Youth Volunteer Service Station

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