Chengdong District introduced 13 measures to deal with mass incidents ineffective accountability

in order to ensure the harmony and stability of the region, the East District recently issued 13 Interim Measures for the prevention and treatment of mass incidents of Party and government leading cadres accountability.

it is reported that the district party and government leading cadres in the face of mass incidents if the treatment is ineffective, and cause adverse social impact and serious consequences, it will be serious accountability. Prevention and disposal of group events are: ineffective matters involving the vital interests of the people before implementation without social stability risk assessment or not according to the evaluation of decision execution, triggered mass incidents; ineffective implementation, delay the implementation or refusing to execute, triggered mass incidents; on the existence of local area and disputes the departments and entities, investigation and resolve ineffective, resulting in the intensification of contradictions, expansion of the situation; the group incidents are not sensitive to signs of danger and do not pay attention to effective early warning, or reporting of relevant information and concealed; do not pay attention to the warning information, did not take effective measures to prevent and resolve the situation; the influence of local area, departments and units to the social stability of the report, not discouraged, even letting the mass event group after the incident, Delay time for disposal, causing serious consequences; improper disposal of group events, leading to the escalation of conflict, the deterioration of the situation; the situation calm, not timely solve the reasonable demands of the masses and dealing with the aftermath, leading to mass incidents occur repeatedly. (author: Zhou Jia Quanjun)

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