Focus on the implementation of the task one by one

1 16, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng to Xining, Guoluo, Yushu delegation to participate in deliberations.

in the Xining delegation, Wang Xiao, Bao Shenglian, Xu Guocheng, Liu Haonian, Lu Hongying, Ma Jian and other representatives around the "government work report", on the practice of "four change" development ideas, improve people’s livelihood construction of happy Xining, urban and rural environment comprehensive management, industrial transformation and upgrading, upgrading the city construction planning and management level, better play to the community the role made a speech. Bao Shenglian on behalf of the farmers combined with changes in the home talk about the benefits of the party’s policy to bring benefits to the villagers, and she kindly asked her to build a happy Xining view.

after listening to the speeches, wangguosheng fully affirmed the Xining economic and social development achievements over the past year. He stressed that this year’s work, to further implement the proposed practice general secretary visited Qinghai "four solid major requirements, and actively explore the development of Xining into a national strategy, out of Xining to see Xining, in-depth implementation of the" four change "development ideas. To higher standards, clarify ideas, summarize the experience and plan in advance, as soon as possible, highlighting the characteristics, promoting the city planning and construction management, industrial development, improving people’s livelihood level, and strive to create high-quality City, play the leading role, and constantly improve and gain a sense of happiness of the people of all ethnic groups.

in Guoluo Prefecture delegation, Wu Yuzhang, Gazasi, the new changes of white Kyrgyzstan change, on behalf of Sonando with a group of data, a fact that depicts the past year about Guoluo the new plan for future development. Wangguosheng chipped in, from the grassroots to Kyrgyzstan change, just let Zhuoma asked in detail about the ecological protection, precise poverty, infrastructure, black beach governance etc., were discussed and the representatives of Golog accelerate development.

wangguosheng fully affirmed the work over the past year guoluoprefecture. He pointed out that we should firmly establish the concept of ecological protection priority, to helping their counterparts in Shanghai, Guoluo, national park construction, the province of Golog support to accelerate economic and social development and other major opportunities to "jump" of the spirit, earnestly implement the central and provincial decision requirements to the actual operation. To establish the practice, focusing on action oriented work, do a good job in Sanjiang to protect the sources of this article, to foster the development of special industries, continue to protect and improve people’s livelihood, and promote poverty alleviation, continue to promote national unity, continue to maintain a good mental outlook and working state, a node of a push, a thing thing to implement, "four solid" significant requirements to implement the work.

Yushu delegation to discuss the atmosphere lively, enthusiastic speech. Wu Dejun, Shi Cunwu, AIDS, more than a week, and so on, on behalf of the actual contact Yushu, Qinghai airlines to speed up the development of the cause, increase local disease prevention and control, monasteries, monks, etc.. Wang Guosheng asked in detail about the Yushu training practice of thousands of village cadres of the plan, they praised the "Three Basics" to grasp the real.

wangguosheng fully affirmed the past year Yushu work achievements. He pointed out that Yushu should seize the opportunity to reform policies and bold;

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