For the people create a city, a city for the people

In recent years, the Xining municipal Party committee and municipal government through a series of activities to create a persistent deep city, Xining City, has won the "National Excellent Tourism City" "National Forest City" round "national sanitary city" "national green model city" and "national minors’ Ideological and moral construction of advanced City", "national civilized city work advanced city" "national civilized city nomination for city" and other honorary titles.

in 2010, Xining has a new goal: to create a national civilized city. Participation in the city of Xining, a city on the occasion, the reporter interviewed the Xining Municipal Committee, publicity minister, director of municipal civilization Wang Haihong. Wang Haihong said: "the creation of the city" is the people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, the city of peace. For the well-being of the public, Xining City, the footsteps of only the starting point, there is no end.

for people to create a city of life

Wang Haihong said that as a small city, small population, weak foundation, underdeveloped west of the capital city, Xining municipal government has always put the pattern, to create a national civilized city in the lead in the development of scientific planning, continue to promote. A city of Xining city leaders learn from the successful experience of the advanced city, and explores a way to create a line with the actual Xining and create patterns, to create a civilized city with more clear positioning in Xining, that is to protect people’s livelihood, Gai Shanmin put in the work to create a national civilized city first, focus on the people to do practical, problem-solving things, good things, to make people’s life more honest, more comfortable, more comfortable, more happy.

Wang Haihong, a city in Xining city continued to increase remediation efforts for the city environment, greatly improve the appearance of the city. Vigorously implement the "smooth traffic project", as of 2011, have been expanded to 35, 13 new key roads, advocate the idea of travel by bus, bus ride to realize intelligent, urban traffic congestion has been effectively improved. The development of new districts and the transformation of the old city has been accelerated, and the urban functional layout has been improved. The urbanization rate has reached 63%, and a number of beautiful residential areas have been built.

for people to create a happy city

what is happiness? Wang Haihong said, at least let people have room to live, work, seek care, let the children learn, a safe and healthy environment for the growth of. The city of Xining, the work is to focus on these areas.

in creating a city, Xining always put the interests of the masses in the first place, overall planning, properly handle the interests of all parties. Xining municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the re employment, housing, transportation, medical and health, city management, Nanjing migrant children’s education and other aspects, starting from the people most concerned about, the most urgent problem, the masses are most concerned about the hot and difficult issues as a breakthrough in the creation and the entry point, determine the number of private facts project.

Xining comprehensively promote the railway station and airport renovation;

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