Optimize the credit structure of Xining city commercial bank financing for small businesses to give

Xining City Commercial Bank of small and medium enterprises play the role of the bank, to optimize the credit structure, increase the resources development, agricultural and sideline products processing and trade, building materials and other small enterprises to support efforts to resolve the difficult problem of small business financing efforts.

Xining commercial bank to fully understand the development potential and comprehensive contribution of small businesses, and gradually develop the small business as a top priority, increase support. This year, the bank to further improve the small business customer evaluation system, increase the small business loans to customers, and strive to add credit business of small business customers 170, to achieve a new loan of $300 million. To achieve this goal, the bank is now actively promoting customer structure change, select a number of operating capacity, financial situation, development potential, effective against (quality) sufficient collateral value and comply with the state industrial policy of small enterprises, to provide various types of loans, bill acceptance, discount business. As of the end of 4, the bank’s credit business of small business customers reached 321, the loan balance of $757 million to meet the liquidity needs of small businesses and project development funds. (author: Lu Hai)


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