How to open left-handed supplies shop

through the introduction of an article, we have been aware of the left hand is indeed a great business opportunities, then such an opportunity should be how to convert into the cause of the investors? Here is the small series to make a detailed description for everyone to see how a shop open southpaws.

to conduct a full investigation on the local market. If the "southpaws" group reached more than 5000 people, has established the basic southpaws supplies store customers; to do a general understanding of the local market, a bustling business district can visit the local, see if there are other businesses engaged in hand supplies sales. Of course, if there is no best, then, to understand their products, price and service, what are the advantages of what shortcomings, to know ourselves, to formulate the corresponding countermeasures.

selection window, determine the store location. According to your understanding of the local market, choose a suitable window for your left hand supplies store. According to the current types of left-handed supplies, a medium-sized store, just 20 square is enough. The principle of site selection, the general flow of people, the high consumption of the crowd more business district is the best, of course, to look forward to the problem of rent and other comprehensive consideration.

for his southpaws stores take a nice name, if the regional agent of a brand, the brand name can also be authorized by the headquarter directly follow. If it is not directly acting, or do not use the unified brand VI agent system, then the style of the facade decoration to their own design.

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