ETC national network National Day holiday pass faster

In August 31st this year, our province highway ETC official with the national network, after a month of operation, stable operation of the ETC system in our province, the National Day holiday this year, the ETC is equipped with ETC devices of vehicles in the 29 network in the region of special free travel.

during the National Day holiday, 7 seat and the passenger vehicles, free time is at 0:00 on October 1st to October 8th deadline to zero, free vehicle off the highway toll station exit time.

during the free mini bus ETC user access way in Qinghai Province as follows: first, pass the open toll station, you can choose manual lanes or ETC lanes, can enjoy free policy. Two, pass closed toll station: 1 ETC lane traffic entrance, exit can choose ETC or artificial lane, can enjoy free policy; 2 entrance pass artificial lane, export must choose artificial lane. Such as the choice of exit ETC lane, the system will not be able to read the entrance information and can not be normal. ETC vehicle 3 free before the end of the two hours of domestic highway travel again, should choose ETC Lane in and out, such as the choice of artificial lane must brush through the green card entrance as a written information, free of charge to ensure that after the end of the normal fee. 4 under normal circumstances, the proposed ETC users as far as possible to choose the ETC Lane Toll station.In addition to

data show that from August 25th to September 24th, the province a total traffic outside the ETC car 55766 vehicles out of the province, the province ETC car 32992 vehicles; inter provincial transaction volume of 88758 pens, accounting for ETC of the total trading volume of 10.46%.  

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