North 60 thousand farmers in the city for two or three years

reporter from the North District was informed that as the city’s first start village merge the new rural community pilot work area, the area to focus on the implementation of the general direction of the reform of the household registration system of the whole village, in 2-3 years, the 62130 phases completed in 38 villages from rural residents to urban hukou household tasks.

it is understood that the reform of the household registration system since April 2013 started, in accordance with the "overall planning, voluntary, paid, comprehensive, actively and steadily promote the development of the principle of" the region last year completed a total transfer of 33229 people, as the city target of 222%, ranking the four number of the city’s first district. Work, the district will be the reform of the household registration system and the construction of new rural areas, landless peasants employment and other organic integration, co-ordination. The city’s first start in the north, Tao Xin, Tao Jiazhai, apricot stone Lei village 4 village "and other" new rural community pilot construction, greatly improve the level of construction of cities and towns in the region. According to the actual needs of landless peasants employment and entrepreneurship, the first to build a district level entrepreneurship employment training center, has trained more than 3000 landless peasants. The above measures, effectively enhance the farmers labor skills, increase the income of farmers, further changes in the urban and rural areas two system separation, effectively narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, the regional gap, the gap between rich and poor, and promote common prosperity.


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