Another way is not the only female jewelry market

is now in such a era of the pursuit of individuality, not just women’s exclusive jewelry already, more and more men love wearing all kinds of personalized jewelry, this is a great market, how to grasp the opportunities for investment, male jewelry is a good choice for


Dongshankou in Guangzhou downtown grew up small lake, has a special "feel" for fashion highlights, because of this, he caught a small business the first taste of the soup, successfully opened a men alloy jewelry shop. He used the best-selling mid-range products assembled high-end sales model, both to reduce the cost of purchase and brand effect.

Kohama found a small business on the outskirts of Guangzhou on the Internet, to accept the European order special alloy jewelry; then a visit to Obama, absolute low wholesale price contract signed, became the first enterprise in Chinese retail customers.

in fact, Obama had a small business, the site had to consult the business link buddies. Friends advice: "in the centre of Guangzhou, and to find the prosperous and inexpensive pavement is not possible; if you want to make your new product to succeed, it is better to look at the second city." As a result, Xiao bin found the bustling shopping malls in Panyu District, where the local young people’s favorite shopping malls, people flow is very large.

what is most appealing to girls? When Obama is anxious, his beautiful girlfriend helped, she reminded Obama said: high-end jewelry store is not everything to sell well; not directly from the intermediate decorations retailers hand goods, as long as the reference high-end jewelry selling style, exquisite purchase can be a multiplier.

Two days after the

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