Volunteer service station market blowing civilization

  recently, a lot of people in some of the larger farmers market will see such a scenario: in addition to the health of the market clean and tidy, but also a number of volunteers in the market figure. They help the public to raise food, answer the public consultation, these volunteers is the market by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry organized by the farmers market volunteer service station staff.

It is reported that

, at present our city into a city of key stage, to better meet the national civilized city evaluation index, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau market and the city’s major farmers market office coordination, more concentrated in some large scale, our city large farmers market set up 6 volunteer service station, volunteer service station the sign is eye-catching, passing pedestrians inquiring. Service station personnel in addition to assist marketing staff guidance, public persuasion uncivilized behavior, maintaining market order, but also in the dedication, friendship and mutual assistance and progress as a concept, actively provide a service to the people in the market. 6 farmers market is the establishment of volunteer service station: East District of Cao Zhai market, Kang Xi market; City area wells Lane market, Mo street market; traffic lane market, West District Meteorological Lane market; Seongbuk bridge market, Jian Nan Xiang market. Washington (reporter bit)


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