The first formal vocational education layout adjustment of Xining city the first step

a year later, we will be able to receive training in the well-equipped training ground, I really hope that day will come soon." In August 28th, the site in Xining City, the first occupation technical school student Liu Jiaojiao started relocation of one year after learning a new life full of hope.


Xining first occupation technical school relocation by municipal government as a key project, the first project is to start new Xining city schools layout adjustment in planning. It marks the relocation of Xining educational restructuring has taken a solid first step strong, also means that the development of Xining city occupation education and to a higher level.

according to reports, after the relocation of the new campus of Xining City, the first occupation technical school covers an area of 90 thousand square meters and a building area of 76 thousand square meters, a total investment of 160 million yuan, is expected to formally put into use by the end of next year. The campus is completed, the original can only provide accommodation for more than and 400 people more than 2 thousand people learning, schools can accommodate 5000 students, 3300 student accommodation, short-term training can also carry out 10 thousand people, thus becoming the occupation school class in our province. At the same time, the school will be based on the popular major labor market, based on the existing professional brand, the creation of new professional electronics, marketing, logistics and so on, from the current three categories of seven small professional added to three class more than and 20 small professional, provide wider employment opportunities for students and strive to build a demonstration of national key occupation school. (author: Shen Haiyu)


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