The fire brigade of Xining City Public Security Bureau to take effective measures to build campus fi

To do a good job in the city’s primary and secondary school fire safety work, prevent and reduce fire accidents, to create a safe and harmonious teaching environment

to do a good job in the city’s primary and secondary school fire safety work, prevent and reduce fire accidents, to create a safe and harmonious teaching environment. City Public Security Bureau Fire Brigade combined with primary and secondary school fire safety management work, and actively take effective measures to pay close attention to campus fire safety work, and strive to build campus fire safety protection network.

a, high pressure stability control, strict implementation of school fire safety responsibility system. detachment increasing fire supervision of the city’s primary and secondary schools, establish the overall responsibility of the principal leaders, leaders in charge of specific work, school supervision of fire prevention and fire inspectors specifically responsible for the three level responsibility system, carrying out work. At the same time, combined with the work premises fire safety management of primary and secondary schools, found on the stage before the examination of the hidden track, "return", to ensure that the hidden dangers rectification in place, and urge all schools to seriously implement fire safety responsibility system, quickly organize and carry out fire hazard investigation and management, to find the weak links to daily fire safety work and the existing outstanding the real problem, the fire safety responsibility to implement the school each department and post and staff.

  two, thorough investigation of hidden dangers, efforts to purify the campus fire safety environment. detachment in conjunction with the education department in charge of the area, schools, kindergartens and surrounding areas to conduct a comprehensive fire safety inspection. On the one hand to check key schools and kindergartens, especially the safety evacuation and fire power management channel boarding schools, student dormitories, laboratories, canteens and other key parts of fire protection facilities in good condition and, if there is a threat to the surrounding school places the existence of fire hazard of school safety. On the other hand, do a good job in the rectification of fire hazards, do not relax a dead". The fire hazards found in the inspection, ordered the relevant units and departments to timely rectification, responsibility and clear rectification and supervision, strictly implement the responsibility system of fire inspection, fire hazard rectification responsibility system.

  three, extensive publicity, and constantly improve the general awareness of fire safety. detachment to "educate a child to a family, affects the whole society" as the principle, the fire safety inspection as an opportunity, by watching the film and television information, visit the fire case picture and other forms, to carry out fire safety publicity activities close to the actual, the fire escape common sense knowledge, in a timely manner to the teachers and students in the hands of the they master the basic knowledge and the fire extinguishing fire, fire escape self-help ability, also organize students to field fire and evacuation drills to improve the students’ ability of emergency disposal in action. Through the exercise, the basic situation of the fire water, fire engines, fire facilities, fire channel to make students fully familiar with the campus and the surrounding areas, known as the fire escape route and correct self-help methods, improve the ability to escape.

  four, the establishment of the plan to ensure that the critical moment pull out, hit;

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