Xining City, 5 million 363 thousand yuan worth of counterfeit cigarettes are on fire

in March 12th, under the assistance of the public security organs, the Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau destroyed a number of fake and shoddy cigarettes in the waste dump of the, which opened the curtain for "3·.

day, the number of counterfeit cigarettes destroyed a total of 112 brands, 35173.3, worth up to 5 million 363 thousand yuan. It is understood that for a long time, Tobacco Monopoly Bureau always hit the network and selling counterfeit cigarettes as a priority among priorities of cigarette products work, continue to strengthen market supervision, focus on several times in the cigarette market organization campaigns, and achieved remarkable results. In 2009, has successfully solved the "1· 06, 1· 16, 3· 18, 4· 16" selling cigarettes network case, with emphasis on investigating a number of counterfeit cigarettes seized a large number of illegal cases, endanger people’s health of counterfeit cigarettes, a powerful deterrent to illegal tobacco traders, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


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