Provincial government held the work of poverty alleviation to promote teleconference

7 11, the province’s poverty alleviation work to promote the teleconference held in Xining. The meeting summed up the work of poverty alleviation in the first half, the second half of the work arrangements. Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee presided over the meeting, deputy governor of the specific deployment of Yan Jinhai.

Wang Jianjun pointed out that this year, the province on the response to the call, promises, with feelings, with responsibility, with hope, actively participate in poverty alleviation, hitherto unknown attention tactics, increasingly accurate, critical force is formed, the policy effect began to appear, the poor people’s confidence. All localities and departments to consolidate and expand these results, in accordance with the precise implementation of the whole, the pragmatic implementation of the whole, the responsibility to play the implementation of the requirements, to promote the second half of the work.

Wang Jianjun stressed that poverty alleviation should reflect the precision, achieve the "six accurate", the implementation of the "group of eight", the implementation of "three Renzhang requirements, solve the who, who support to help, how to help, back problems, ensure that the path and effect of poverty alleviation objectives, consistent. To reflect the policy focus on docking, docking, make policy and local practice, the wishes of the masses seamless; focus on the next docking, a line through the end, one catch in the end; pay attention to industry docking, a good combination of boxing, playing the overall battle; pay attention to helping the needy people demand docking, as a starting point and the focal point, helping measures more real, better.

should reflect the pragmatic, earnestly implement the task of reporting, supervision and accountability, financial supervision, evaluation and assessment, the cadre management system, efforts to study and solve major problems, urgent and outstanding problems, and do practical things that are real. To reflect the sustainability, adhere to the premise of respecting the law, people recognized as a fundamental and industrial development as the backing, Zhi Qiangzhi helped to protect, improve the sustainability of poverty alleviation, solve the problem of poverty alleviation, really long.

Yan Jinhai made the deployment to the province’s poverty alleviation work, requiring all localities and departments in accordance with "four years of concentrated poverty, a year to consolidate the overall deployment of ascension", win the battle of poverty effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, adhere to the principle of protecting ecological concept to guide the crucial work to escape from poverty, enrich and improve the long-term mechanism the precise poverty alleviation of poverty, the poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation industry as an important starting point, the integration effect special funds for poverty alleviation, implement the Poverty Alleviation Policies and measures to stimulate the enthusiasm of the cadres and masses initiative and creativity, do the work to ensure timely completion of the task.


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