Xining Federation of trade unions actively carry out migrant workers assistance action

recently, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions in the town of Huangzhong County, the town of 50 grams of the village of two days of basic knowledge and practical training, training, and received a certificate of completion of the training of 40 migrant workers.

this year, Xining City Federation of trade unions to migrant workers assistance action "as the starting point, according to the needs of a large number of new generation migrant workers employment diversification, grasp the willingness of training, develop training programs, the practical difficulties for female migrant workers migrant workers, training for the selection of embroidery in the local employment and income and realize their professional skills, to learn the nearest employment, and establish and improve the coverage of city, county, District, street enterprise training network, to ensure that every one has a desire for training of migrant workers can participate in training. At the same time, but also the promotion of order training and employment of all in one service, working mode and training, employment, rights three-in-one, will enrich the training content, labor skills, science and culture, legal rights and other content into the training, the action actually benefit the majority of migrant workers. Up to now, the Xining Federation of trade unions organized a variety of laid-off workers, migrant workers free skills training 6, more than 250 migrant workers benefit.


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