Bear kills dog bites woman at Long Beach

first_imgLONG BEACH — Wildlife agents are trying to trap a bear that bit a woman and killed her dog when they surprised it raiding a garbage can outside the woman’s home on Washington state’s Long Beach Peninsula, the state Fish and Wildlife Department said.The woman was treated at a hospital for puncture wounds on her waistline. The attack happened at about 3 a.m. Friday, but the woman didn’t report it to police until she returned home later that day, said Mike Cenci, deputy chief for Fish and Wildlife officers. Four officers responded, bringing a Karelian bear dog from Tacoma to help track the animal. However, the ground was wet, and too much time had passed to pick up the scent.Cenci described the attack that left the pet schnauzer dead as an accidental encounter. He said the bear likely was trying to get away when the woman spotted it and began chasing it with a broom. “She was between him and freedom,” he said Monday in Olympia. “She was in the way.”Cenci described the bear population on the peninsula as dense. “We can only guess, but no doubt the dog and bear came nose to nose, and the bear killed the dog.”Bears become a problem when they help themselves to garbage, and that’s why they department urges residents to keep trash secure or indoors.last_img

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