The north area of Xining city by case and build a strong anti-corrosion wall

in order to further enhance the leading cadres and officials of legal consciousness of ruling by law, administrative law, in accordance with the law, improve the ability to resist corruption Chengbei District, North District organization leading cadres and public servants, to carry out a vivid honest education seminar anticorrosion.

activities mainly take view of the rule of law education, listen to the propaganda reports, watch display panels and other forms, namely by carrying out "to watch a short film, listening to a report, watch a board" of "three" activities, to guide the region’s leading cadres and officials to learn how to use the law, abide by the law, establish the rule of law belief lead consciousness. The use of two typical lectures and, in the case, with the things around education to guide the people around, do alarm bells ringing, and build a strong line of defense against corruption. In a special report for more than two hours, leading cadres and public officials inspired by the special report, have said that they should be more comprehensive understanding of the law as well as the staff responsibilities and obligations.


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