Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department held the province’s second news media uncompiled ed

In December 18th, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department held a week of the province’s second news media uncompiled editing business backbone courses of satisfactory completion, the news media a total of 54 people participated in the training.

the training based on absorbing first training experience, focus on close to the actual work of elaborate organization, invited the provincial Party committee propaganda department leaders of the relevant offices responsible person, part of the provincial senior media reporter and editor, respectively, under the new situation of the ideological work of public opinion guidance, the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the twelve session of the provincial Party committee ten plenary session of the spirit, "the four overall strategic layout, in the ideological field, wrong thought of Internet management and guidance and Marx’s concept of news, traditional media and new media integration development, news commentary writing, publicity and ideological cadres of the basic ability and quality of the knowledge of special counseling. Teachers with their own experiences and practical work, with detailed examples of their own experiences, focusing on the correct guidance of public opinion, news theme choice and creation methods are simple and vivid teaching.

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