DC Cancels ‘Swamp Thing’ After One Episode

first_img Joaquin Phoenix Wanted Thomas Wayne Excluded From ‘Joker’ Script’Joker’ Earns High Rotten Tomatoes Score From Film Critics As unsustainable as it is, the dream of having so many niche streaming TV services is that knowing you’ve got a dedicated paying audience could convince creators to try riskier shows than they ever could’ve gotten away with on normal television. On DC Universe, we’ve already seen this play out with the excellent but deeply weird Doom Patrol which just wrapped up its first season.However, this magic can’t work on every show. After airing its first episode just a week ago, DC Universe has already cancelled its live-action Swamp Thing show. Alec Holland is going back to being a corpse.We can’t say we’re that surprised. Along with the sketchy economics and audience obfuscation plaguing streaming services in general, Swamp Thing had been facing its own specific issues. This first season was already hastily cut down from 13 episodes down to 10. And apparently the production was shut down after running into tax issues when filming on location in North Carolina. So continuing the series wasn’t viable.That’s a shame because at least based on these first few episodes Swamp Thing seemed like another unexpected hit for the service, faithfully translating the murky gothic plant-based horror and romance of the comics. Hopefully this season at least wraps up in a satisfying way.DC Universe has already committed to another season of Titans and Young Justice along with other new shows like a Harley Quinn cartoon and a live-action show based on Stargirl. But as the new streaming entertainment giants continue to wage war, we’re still afraid DC Universe will wind up a casualty. Stay on targetlast_img

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