For Sale: Rare Globe of Mars Portraying Early Theory of Life on Red Planet

first_img A unique, hand-painted globe illustrating an early theory of life on Mars made by the Danish astronomer Emmy Ingeborg Brun is up for auction — and it has been estimated to fetch up to $50,000, according to Christie’s auction house.The rare globe of the Red Planet was based off cartography published by astronomer Percival Lowell (1855-1906), who spent many years observing the surface of Mars.Lowell interpreted a series of large straight lines crisscrossing the planet (an unfortunate optical illusion), to be “canals” engineered by a Martian race to transport water from the Poles to lands near the Equator. This theory was widely shot down by the astronomical community, but became highly popular among the public at the time. Its popularity is now known as the “Canal Craze.”The globe features supposed oases and areas of seasonal vegetation named and connected by a series of canals. (Photo Credit: Christie’s)Brun, a Mars enthusiast and socialist, was intrigued by Lowell’s vision of the planet’s infrastructure, which she thought was evidence of a radically different cooperative Martian social order, according to a 2015 article by Slate. In 1905-1909, Brun adapted Lowell’s maps and sketches into a small number of handcrafted wooden globe.Brun’s globe was made from plaster applied to surface of a globe, and the cartography then painted. It features supposed oases and areas of seasonal vegetation named and connected by a series of canals. The globe is supported by a graduated half-meridian arc on turned ebonized stand. Title painted on the base reads: Mars efter Lowekks Glober 1894-1914.It’s estimated to sell for $30,000-$50,000.The globe is part of Fine Printed Books & Manuscripts Including Americana, a diverse collection of scientific properties the auction house Christie’s is selling in June. The collection also includes letters and correspondences from Albert Einstein denoting his discomfort with quantum theory, and signed gallery proofs of Watson & Crick’s articles on DNA.More on Medieval Chess Piece Found in Drawer Could Fetch $1.3 Million at AuctionInstruction Manual Used for Apollo 11 Moon Landing Is Up for AuctionRare Apple-1 Computer Goes Up for Auction, Could Fetch Up to $650,000 Stay on target Mint-Condition Set of Pokemon Cards Sold For $107KRare, ‘Legendary’ 1894 Dime Could Fetch More Than $1 Million… last_img

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