Apple’s New Mac Pro Design Kind of Freaks Us Out

first_imgStay on target iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Have More Cameras, More ProblemsApple Arcade Launches Next Week One of Apple’s biggest announcements at its recent WWDC event was for its long-awaited refresh of the Mac Pro. After the previous version of the professional-grade desktop Mac proved to be a controversial failure, it’s been over five years since Apple has tried to placate what used to be one of its most loyal and lucrative customer bases. And while I’m certainly new video professional, the powerful and adaptable new Mac Pro does seem like a much-needed course correction.But as impressive as it sounds, there’s just something about the way the Mac Pro looks that freaks us out.You know that phobia that means you’re scared at looking at stuff with a bunch of little holes in it? I think it’s called trypophobia or something but I’m too scared to look up the correct spelling and accidentally see the hole-filled imagery that triggers the fear. The new Mac Pro, as well as its companion 6K Pro Display XDR monitor, is covered in that kind of creepy energy. Presumably to aid the intense fans and airflow cooling such a beefy 1,400-watt boy, the computer is covered with layers of countless tiny metal holes polished to Apple’s typical machined perfection.And even if the holes don’t freak you out, the new Mac Pro just looks kind of off. Abandoning the smooth cylinder look of its maligned predecessor, the new Mac Pro looks more like a typical tower full of slots giving users the flexibility they need to fill the machine with up-to-date components as tech improves. That’s cool. But between the holes on the outer metal housing, the long metal handles, and slight trapezoidal shape, the whole thing looks like an oversized cheese grater… on wheels. When Apple revealed the design allows for multiple Mac Pros to fit in the same rack, I was mostly relieved to see it slotted away out of sight.Really though, I’m only focusing on the aesthetic because what’s actually valuable about the new Mac Pro is for folks who work on projects that need far more horsepower than blogging. This is for rendering the next hit Pixar movie or AAA video game. It’s for playing hundreds of virtual instruments at once for your generic Africa documentary soundtrack.The new Mac Pro supports up to 28-cores in its Intel Xeon processor, 1.5TB of memory, Radeon Pro 580 and Pro Vega II graphics cards, eight PCI Express expansion slots, and way more presumably mind-blowing pro specs. At some point, who really cares what it looks like. At least one of the holes is a headphone jack.But if I’m spending at least $6000 on a computer, and then several thousand more dollars on various monitors and mounts, I shouldn’t get the creeps just looking at it. The new Mac Pro launches this fall. For more on WWDC check out how Apple TV is getting support for real video game controllers and pour one out for the old dead version of iTunes.last_img

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