The province’s efforts to solve the problem of non registered permanent residence registration

8 month 19 days, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, since this year, the province’s public security organs household security departments at all levels to conscientiously implement the "Office of the State Council on the settlement of non registered accounts personnel issues" spirit, make great efforts to solve the problem of no account registration account. Up to now, the province’s public security organs in total Mopai no 2867 people, after investigation and verification, has settled the problem settled for the 1627.

this year, the provincial public security department two times throughout the deployment of public security organs in the area without Hukou personnel investigations, a comprehensive grasp of no account numbers, age structure, no account of reasons, each registration, a person of a file. At present, has established more than 2000 free accounts personnel files; made the solution does not meet the family planning policy, not for the "medical proof of birth", not the procedures for adoption in adoption, declaration of disappearance or death after the account was canceled due to marriage in rural areas, the cancelled origin account, account migration certificate is lost or over valid period, and other circumstances out of wedlock births, 8 No person accounts settled in the specific norms. Clearly the two impassable "red line", which prohibits the establishment does not comply with any pre conditions for household registration provisions and to guarantee every citizen a legally registered permanent residence registration, smooth channels and must adhere to the legal bottom line; security Huzhengbumen area under the different conditions with the relevant departments to investigate and verify the close cooperation find out the cause of the problem, clarify the evidence, do together for the implementation of. The discovery of new situations and new problems, and actively seek solutions, grasp the limits of policy, targeted solution; follow after the first emergency relief, from easy to difficult, step by step principle, to face the entrance, education, employment, medical care, illness, coming of age living in poverty, relatively simple personnel priority investigation and timely solutions. At the same time, to accept the admissibility of slices, such as a reasonable way to make an appointment in advance, to enhance the satisfaction of the masses.

levels in the province’s public security organs in the solutions handled settled, not only safeguard every citizen rights registered according to law, to provide protection for them to participate in social affairs, the exercise of rights and obligations, and handled in strict accordance with the law, ensure the account number and citizenship accuracy, the only authoritative. The use of online monitoring function of population information system, one by one inquiry, no person accounts on population information database, to avoid repeated registration account and citizenship number number phenomenon, eliminate fake accounts settled problems occurred in the process, to prevent illegal personnel to bleach identity; strictly implement Shouwenfuze, a notification system, on the material not neat, do not meet the conditions for registration, registration information and do interpretation work, to inform the masses disposable required materials and procedures. Strict implementation of the Ministry of public security, the four requirements and the account for a lifelong responsibility system to ensure that no account settled in legitimate, orderly and standardized.


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