NASA’s Curiosity Rover Snaps Images of Fluffy Clouds on Mars

first_imgStay on target NASA Captures ‘Red-Handed’ Avalanche on Mars in Mesmerizing PhotoBest Skywatching Events in September 2019 NASA’s Curiosity rover is having a ball exploring the Red Planet: Amid its recent drilling and studying tasks on Mars, the rover snapped images of clouds rolling above the planet’s surface and they are a dreamy sight.Curiosity used its black-and-white Navigation Cameras (Navcams) to capture photos of drifting clouds on May 7 and May 12, sols 2400 and 2405, said a NASA press release. According to NASA, these clouds are most likely water-ice clouds that are located roughly 19 miles above the Red Planet’s surface.Science under the cloudsAfter working hard for 2,405 Martian days and discovering the highest amounts of clays yet during the mission, @MarsCuriosity took a quick selfie break:’s how the rover takes selfies:— NASA JPL (@NASAJPL) May 29, 2019AdChoices广告Currently, the mission’s team is trying to line up cloud observations with NASA’s InSight lander, which is located approximately 373 miles away and recently snapped its own cloud images on May 1. The InSight lander’s cloud images slightly resemble Curiosity’s cloud images, which show the drifting clouds over a hazy Martian landscape.In addition to capturing these cool images, Curiosity has provided more information on the “clay-bearing unit,” a region on Mars that it’s currently studying. The rover recently drilled at rock targets named “Aberlady” and “Kilmarie” that showed the highest amounts of clay minerals discovered on Curiosity’s mission. These drill targets are pictured in a new selfie taken by Curiosity on May 12.What’s interesting about the “clay-bearing unit” is that these clay mineral findings will most likely lead to new research on this Red Planet area. NASA says rocks within the “clay-bearing unit” vicinity could have developed as layers of mud in ancient lakes. Over time, water interacted with sediment and perhaps left a lot of clay in the rocks located there.More on Rover Takes First Bite of ‘Clay-Bearing Unit’ on Mars NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Two Solar Eclipses on Mars ExoMars 2020 Rover Operations Control Center Opens in Italylast_img

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