Qinghai oilfield employees live in a small apartment

"In the depths of Gobi, in the workover production line, not really to live in such a good condition on the mobile board room, TV, Internet, also be able to take a bath, not inferior to star hotel configuration, we call it" mobile apartment "!" In December 4th, the downhole operation company of Qinghai oilfield production brigade of the British East Block monitor Martin Biao cheerily told reporters, and led reporters to visit a new decorative board mobile employees live. The oil and gas production units in Qinghai oil field are in the deep part of the Qaidam basin. The company measures for operation of underground frontline staff will work hard in the first year, due to limited conditions, poor accommodation, live in cold winter, the mobile board room is extremely hot in the summer, in the depths of Gobi, the staff of amateur cultural life is very scarce. In order to improve the production and living conditions of the first line staff, and embody the people-oriented management concept, the downhole operation company entrusts the oil field machinery factory to design and make the outdoor workers’ houses. The design of the board room area of about 27 square meters, from the world to the standard room for the 2, with a cable, desk, etc., comfortable, spacious. First line staff in order to enrich the amateur cultural life, oil company unions and allocated special funds, the configuration of the 150 TV sets, bookcases for downhole operation company culture field staff dormitory, and the allotment of the large books, newspapers and magazines, and enrich the cultural life of employees in the field.  

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