Resident Evil 7 VR is so scary it should ship with diapers

first_imgThis year’s E3 had a good amount of surprises, but none was bigger than Resident Evil 7. Not only was this new entry in the classic survival horror series a huge departure from any of its predecessors, no one who watched that first trailer even knew it was a Resident Evil game until the very end. After the series nearly committed suicide with Resident Evil 6, it was great to see Capcom bringing the scary back with a game that is genuinely terrifying.I played the first Resident Evil 7 demo shortly after I returned home from E3 despite my initial reluctance to do so. Not because I was against the game or anything, but because when it comes to playing survival horror games in first person perspective, I’m a huge punk.Even when we were shown the trailer for Resident Evil 7, I lowered my head so that I couldn’t fully see what was on that giant screen. Horror movies bore me to tears, but horror games turn me into a frightened rabbit. Still, despite my fears, I managed to finish that first demo even if I only did so in five minute increments.One of the things Capcom touted about Resident Evil 7 was that it would be fully playable in VR. This was certainly a neat feature, but after nearly having a heart attacking playing the demo in broad daylight on my TV, I couldn’t imagine how utterly unnerving it would be to play it with a VR headset strapped to my head like a vice. As much as I thought Capcom was wise to turn Resident Evil into a modern day survival horror game, there was absolutely no way I was ever going to play this in VR. I’ve grown too fond of having clean underwear.Cut to yesterday where I found myself inside of a small dark room in Capcom’s New York Comic Con booth wearing a VR helmet playing the latest Resident Evil 7 demo. Yes, I could have easily not booked this appointment, but considering how scary the thought of playing this game in VR made me, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to write a funny post about how I ended up making a fool out of myself.Before I started playing, I had to calibrate the VR headset. This was simple enough since all I had to do was look up, down, and to my sides. The demo asked me to walk to certain spots to show me how to move using the left analog stick. The default setting had it so that when you press the right stick, the camera would turn 30 degrees at a time. There was also the option to have smooth camera motion but I went with 30 degree motion just to try it out. After that little tutorial was over, I got tossed into the main portion of the demo.In the previous demo, all I had to do was find a way out of a creepy, dilapidated house. In this one, I had to hide from a crazy, lantern wielding old woman. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the very same demo we saw a trailer for during this year’s GamesCom.Knowing that, my heart started to beat faster. I was scared enough just watching the trailer on my computer, but now here I was actually playing it in VR. I wasn’t able to half-watch this like I did with the E3 trailer. I was trapped in this world and the only way I would be free was if I finished the demo. Well, I suppose I could have taken the PlayStation VR headset off and left, but I had to preserve some sort of dignity.After wandering around trying not to get caught, I was asked by the friendly PR girl if I wanted to switch to the smooth camera motion setting. This made the camera move the way it does in most games. This certainly helped make the relatively simple controls feel more familiar. I felt some slight discomfort for the first thirty seconds or so, but after I adjusted, having full camera control felt natural. I guess I’m not a person who is squeamish with VR. I wish I had as much internal fortitude while playing this demo.I crossed a rickety bridge and made it to a crumbling lakeside building. I heard the crazy old woman yelling from behind me so I did my best to hide. I thought I had found a good spot to lay low as she got closer, only to end up screaming out loud when she found me. Judging by the reactions of the two PR folks in the room with me, this moment of cowardice was amusing.After being discovered a few more times (and losing years of my life in the process), I finally managed to find a place where I wasn’t seen. I’m familiar with stealth games so I stayed nice and quiet as the woman moved her lantern around trying to find me. After she turned around to leave, I began to slowly move. However, my instincts told me to stop. This was fortunate because as soon as I did, the woman quickly turned her head in my direction. If I had continued forward, I surely would have been spotted.I spent the entire time trying not to get caught by this insane woman, but the demo ended with me being captured anyway. I wound up at a table where I sat with the woman, her husband, and her son. The adults yelled at each other while the kid threw pieces of disgusting looking food at me. I won’t spoil it here, but something unexpected happens that — while not frightening — was certainly disturbing. After I was forced at knife point to eat some of the unappetizing food, the demo concluded.Even though I ended up screaming more times than I care to admit and was on the verge of suffering cardiac arrest while playing, I actually had a lot of fun with this Resident Evil 7 VR demo. Sure, it isn’t the Resident Evil we all remember, but this change of gameplay style was necessary in order to make the series scary again — not to mention keep it relevant.Will I personally play this game in VR again? Absolutely not, but I do hope the game resurrects this classic series and brings it back into the spotlight. I’ll just let braver souls play the game and tell me what they thought of it.last_img

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