To be the vanguard of the work style construction

In February 25th, the municipal government office of the party’s mass line educational practice officially started, the mobilization of all Party members and cadres through education, revealing problems, establish a new system of three aspects, highlighting the characteristics of good educational practice, striving to be the vanguard of the style construction of the city authorities.

reporter learned from the mobilization meeting, the municipal government office conscientiously implement the central, provincial and municipal deployment, earnestly study and implement educational practice. First, the municipal government office to study education as a key task in a prominent position, especially to organize some suitable for the municipal government office practical lectures, seminars, exchanges and other activities. Secondly, to carry out educational practice in the occasion, the municipal government office closely around the theme of the people honest and pragmatic, take a variety of ways, seriously investigate and analyze the "four winds" problem, and consciously accept supervision by the masses, actively eliminate the disadvantages of style, scale behavior.

finally, the municipal government office separately from the leading cadres and Party members and cadres level to find faults, in strict accordance with the rectification goals, promote measures to implement the responsibility, complete with a time limit "four", focusing on the problem of style, puts forward the countermeasure, make and implement the reform program, listen to the evaluation. A comprehensive grasp of the rectification work.


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