Winter winter warriors experience the Yellow River water

1 7, the seventh session of the "railway Cup" Chinese · Qinghai International Winter crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge elite athletes in Qinghai Guide the Yellow River River water. January 8th, the opening ceremony of the event will be held in the grand final will be shot in the coast of the Yellow River.

Guide in the winter, because winter swimming athletes arrive, add a lot of excitement. On the streets to see many tourists crossing the the Yellow River tournament held in particular have made inquiries about. Domestic, provincial media reporters have been looking for the best shooting location.

in order to adapt to the competition, the Organizing Committee in January 7th arranged for athletes to test the water. In winter, the water temperature in the Yellow River is low and the water is urgent, so it is very important to test the water for the first time. A lot of people early in the morning to the shore of the Yellow River eager, but because the water temperature is too low, only to give up. Near noon, the temperature and water temperature have increased, athletes began to test the water to test the water.

site staff told reporters that the venue is located in the waters of the Yellow River County, Qinghai Province, from the starting point of about 45 degrees downstream to the other end of the tour, a total length of 500 meters. The the Yellow River section of the water quality reached the national level I, can meet various needs of water; the depth of 3.6 meters, the maximum velocity of 3.3 m / s, the average water velocity of 2 m / S; the water temperature at 0 degrees Celsius, under water at 5 degrees Celsius below zero; the water at 2200 meters above sea level, the average temperature of minus 13 degrees – 0 degrees Celsius during the event, the average flow of 800 cubic meters per second.

according to the analysis and prediction of the data, in January 8th the day of the game, the temperature of the the Yellow River section of the game area, wind speed and other objective factors change little. After the test, a lot of athletes, said: you have heard of the world of the Yellow River Deqing, after the test to know, Guide, the Yellow River, the cold pressing, it will be an unforgettable experience."

reporter learned that all team members are almost all countries in various provinces of swimming players, but arrived in Qinghai, to the Yellow River in winter were thrilling said, if not take the position not winning, they also have a perfect trip to Guide.

it is understood that the tournament a total of 67 players from the United Kingdom, the United States, Slovakia, Iceland, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, New Zealand and China, including the 12 players.

who will win the championship in this elite, in January 8th, Guide the Yellow River water will give the most accurate answer.

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