Strengthening the standardization construction of the city supply and marketing cooperatives and pro

  in recent years, supply and marketing cooperatives in support of the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives and municipal government, the State Council document No. 40 and green political [2010]100 file as a guide, in accordance with the requirements of socialist new countryside construction, based on the supply and marketing cooperatives advantages and resources, to standardize the construction as a means to supply and marketing cooperatives circulation the development of network as a link, to enhance the vitality and competitiveness of professional cooperatives, enhance the power and influence, promote rural prosperity, agricultural development and farmers’ income.

one is to strengthen the organization building. Guide the farmers’ professional cooperatives to improve members established in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China farmer cooperatives" (representative) general assembly, Council and board of supervisors system, improve relevant working mechanism, clear responsibilities and rights between members (representative) general assembly, Council and board of supervisors and managers of the responsibilities and executive director, supervisors and managers. Guide the farmers’ professional cooperatives registered according to law, establish and perfect the constitution, democratic election, democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision in accordance with the provisions of the articles of Association; develop cooperative work system, improve work processes, standardized operation and management mechanism. City supply and marketing cooperatives with the actual development of the Xining supply and marketing cooperatives professional management approach, a clear responsibility, strengthen guidance. The construction of the demonstration model of the farmers’ professional cooperatives has become an important mutual economic organization to strengthen the organization foundation, to promote the industrialization of agriculture, and to participate in the construction of new socialist countryside.

three is to strengthen the construction of information technology. To guide the farmers professional cooperatives to advanced information network technology as the means, around the prenatal information guidance, production technology, market sales service postpartum each link, a variety of terminal equipment using computer, telephone, television, mobile phone, strengthen information construction, improve the service level. Guide professional cooperatives and distribution network docking. To support and encourage the professional cooperatives of high-quality agricultural products and professional wholesale markets, supermarket chains, such as docking, and promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural products processing and sales, increase farmers’ income. Guide professional cooperatives and industrialization leading enterprises docking. By promoting docking with agricultural products processing enterprises, or to support the establishment of professional cooperatives processing enterprises, etc., to extend the industrial chain, improve value-added products.


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