Xining 124 grassroots party members to receive free medical examination

is the embodiment of the municipal Party’s attention and care, service party to better perform their duties, from June 23rd to 25, 124 grassroots party, the thirteen Party Congress on behalf of the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department unified organization in which all aspects of professional and technical personnel: 83, the advanced models 41, free health examination in Xining First People’s Hospital. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department is considering the grass-roots party usually busy with work, ignoring their own health problems, cervical radiographs, C14 breath test and HbA1c project a total of 15 projects in addition to conventional examination, and the establishment of health records for the grass-roots party.

To ensure the

inspection and the service, the Party Organization Department in advance to communicate with medical hospital coordination, formulated the examination instructions, inspection procedures, precautions, arrange guidance personnel throughout the guide, from high quality, experienced and skilled medical personnel for physical examination, and provide health advisory services. At the same time, for reasons of work did not take part in the physical examination on behalf of the party at the grassroots level, arrange the appointment with the hospital agreed to supplement the medical examination time.

at the beginning of this year, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department promised 10 things for the private sector, as part of the city party for free health examination is one of them. Through the examination, the grass-roots party a detailed understanding of the physical health status, and learn more about health care knowledge, improve health awareness, enhance the performance of their duties better working enthusiasm and initiative.


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