Trial run of the first sludge treatment plant in Xining

reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Xining City, the first sewage treatment plant to complete the commissioning of equipment, the current test run phase. Trial operation standard, sludge treatment plant sludge will achieve Nissan Nissin, this means that the sludge environmental security problems plagued Xining for years will be completely resolved.

Improper disposal of

sludge will cause two pollution to groundwater and soil, and will pose a serious threat to environmental safety and public health. As the environmental governance of social welfare projects, development planning of Xining City concentrated sludge disposal project in line with the city of Xining, is conducive to sustainable development of sludge treatment and Xining municipal solid waste management, treatment and disposal work, is to protect the environment, optimize the city an important part of social resources, the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau Ecological livable city content.

total investment of about 150 million yuan, is located in Xining City, Yin Shan landfill landfill on the southeast side, with a total area of 2.839 hectares. According to the total amount of sludge produced by the existing sewage treatment plant in Xining, the design scale is 300 tons of sludge with daily moisture content of 80%. Sludge treatment plant can be 80% moisture content of sludge dehydration to less than 50%, and then the sludge of the landfill, the remaining part of the comprehensive utilization of 80%. After the project is put into production, it will fill the blank of centralized disposal of sludge in Xining, which indicates that the process of sludge disposal in Xining has entered a new stage of harmless, reduction and resource utilization.


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