Xining special police anti-terrorism exercises

bus carrying more than and 10 people were hijacked

Xining 110 Command Center issued a directive to the Xining police: Huang Zhong Lu gunmen hijacked the bus car incident occurred! Soon, the heavily armed Xining SWAT armored vehicles, emergency assembly to the site of the incident.

Huangzhong Road, a 160 bus was hijacked by criminals, the car at least more than 10 passengers, criminals open conditions: immediately to the cash of $1 million, or kill hostages. The gunman was also shot outside the provocation.

Armed Police SWAT scene

Xining SWAT in a short period of time on the use of force to control the site of the incident, the two were in the hands of the hijacked vehicles were found around the best shooting point, in order to prevent criminals to make excesses.


command set a emergency rescue plan, sent a negotiator to capitulate. "You are so young, think of your children and family, everything can be saved……" Negotiators tried to persuade the gangsters.

a gunman suddenly opened the door, a woman out in front of him, the hands of the gun in the hostage head, shouted excitedly: "take the money, otherwise, after 10 minutes, every minute, I will kill a person!"

armed assault hostages rescued

on the criminals and negotiators dialogue was distracted, two police investigation success near the car, the car has detected two criminals, one gun, one to control the driver with a knife. But because of the gunman holding a woman, police worried about accidentally injured hostages, did not shoot. Investigators also found out the location of the car hostage.

a second time in the past, the mood is more unstable in the car, don’t walk around from time to time, the gun head refers to the hostages, the car came cries.

criminals are likely to kill the hostages at any time, the headquarters command: force assault!" A dump truck suddenly rushed into the hijacking scene, to the tail hijacked bus rushed past, big bucket to break through the windshield, 3 armed SWAT bucket ambush was "sent" into the bus. At the same time, armored car commandos also rushed forward, with a ladder on both sides of the car glass smashed, rushed into the car. The car did not understand how it happened, who had been killed in a fight. 11 hostages were safely rescued.

roared to the ambulance carrying the wounded hostage to the ambulance……

emergency drills Xining anti-terrorism forces

in fact, this is not a real hijacking case, Xining police detachment anti-terrorism emergency drills carried out but the provincial public security department counter-terrorism, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly, to test the Xining special police anti terrorist emergency command system and the commanding power of disposal;

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