Self-made name should pay attention to what

now, through independent venture to rich has become the main melody, a society at the same time, there are a lot of young people have a tendency to shop, a start at the beginning. Then, the problem is that in the fierce market competition, how to do business? A good name is essential, then how should a good name?

easy to understand

shop name is more simple and easy to remember, control in 3-6 word best.

easy to remember the biggest advantage is easy to spread.

many other Internet users are likely to become shop buyers, to take care of all levels of buyers,

must take a good name to understand, easy to understand.

catchyThe name of the

store must be loud, catchy, this also increases the memorability,

to do this, not only to pay attention to the charm of the language and smooth, but also to seize the psychological needs of consumers and spiritual needs,

customers can resonate with the name of the psychological, customers are generally easy to remember, and also be willing to spread,

in particular, some humorous, with a deep connotation of the name.

avoid similar

is the name before, we will go there ah ",

" investigations;

would like to see a good name is already being The early bird catches,


has a similar name, then you always change the name of


otherwise when the promotion of words, it is bound to mislead buyers, let him go to the shop to split your flow.

to avoid shengpizi

although this is an era of individuality, but if you blindly pursue unique,

uses some obscure difficult word for the name, that would be counterproductive.

you think, buyers do not know your name, also can’t read music, how to spread your shop?

negative effect as can be imagined… This… Flying to remind you, do not use shengpizi.

try to inform the main commodity

shop is a shop, because there is something to sell,

is very clear, very clear, very obvious to tell customers what you are selling,

makes it easy for customers to identify the business scope of the shop, and the desire to buy.

look at these names, " ", " Gallery; honesty is priceless,


the owner of the original intention is good, recommended.

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