The water into the city of Xining Nanchuan river is quietly becoming clear

this year, the majority of people were pleasantly surprised to find that runs through the north and south of Xining, Nanchuan River becomes clear up quietly, slowly flowing water also increases than in the past – this is one of the "project management in the Huangshui River water into the city" project brought significant changes in the implementation of Xining city.

Nanchuan river is a major tributary of the Huangshui River, the ecological environment of groundwater and river of Xining city also plays an important regulatory role. Nanchuan river flows through Xining City, the territory of 21 kilometers, and across the urban area about 3 kilometers, the Strait of Xining City downtown area and leisure area. In recent years, Xining city to build dams in Nanchuan river city section Xiudi, river landscape is greatly improved, but over the years because of rain erosion and indiscriminate upstream, resulting in a large number of sediment deposition of river, river city landscape water circulation, the aggravation of water eutrophication, river algae spread, greatly affect the breeding of mosquitoes the urban landscape and the environment.

in order to effectively improve the urban core of Nanchuan river water quality and the environment, in accordance with the provincial government is "the people of Qinghai a clear mother river", the city of Xining in August 2012 started the Nanchuan river water into the city project. The project is a pipeline from Nanchuan reservoir in Huangzhong County of tail water water to the aqueduct of liberation, Nanchuan river dredging 3.2 km urban section of more than 80 thousand square, built a steel dam block 14, and in 54 the bridge to the intersection of the Huangshui River Section Eight fold water maintenance experiment island in 2, the total project investment of 48 million 848 thousand yuan.

the water into the city "project in September last year has been completed by the end of the water, and one-time success. Since the summer of this year, people are pleased to see that the water quality of Nanchuan river city section clear, bright red blossoms and green willows on both sides of the river, pleasant scenery everywhere. It is reported that the Xining municipal water conservancy department has commissioned the Shanghai Architectural Design Institute of Pudong Nanchuan river city core section to improve the landscape transformation plan, landscape renovation of the Beichuan River in the planning, then, many clear water will increase the number of "aura to the ancient city of Xining". (author: Xiangjun)


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