Heating first day reporter visited the temperature

Yesterday is the first day of formal heating, residents of the home heating is not hot, the heating effect is satisfactory, and what the district did not heating on time, what is the reason? Reporters follow the city property management staff has visited the city more than the District, with the residents to experience the first heating temperature. Visits found that most of the area has been started early heating pressure test, the overall quality of heating is not bad, but there are some areas due to a variety of reasons not yet hot up. There is no time for some warm areas, the main reason is the heating fee arrears caused property to heating, heating fee collection problem is even more prominent in the heating season this year. The 9 district heating problem has been solved according to the understanding, as of yesterday, the city real estate management department this year to focus on the investigation of the 16 existing heating problems in the area, the problems in the boiler and pipe network and other aspects of the 9 areas have been resolved, there are 7 plots unresolved fails to heating, including residential, hospital, family benefits 3419 plant family member courtyard, Delingha civil aviation No. 52 institute. Do not pay heating costs to heating yesterday morning reporters follow the staff first came to the 54 Street 11, responsible for the company’s Silver Circle Yintai property home residential area. According to reports, the current property has been arranged boiler ignition work, ready to heating, but they want to see the situation to decide whether to pay residents this winter has been heating, because of years of tenants do not pay heating costs, affect the enterprise operation, also affect your heating. Nanshan Road, Xining, 371 families of the families of the prison, only about 48 households to pay heating costs, property staff said, heating costs can not be difficult to collect property companies heating. The tenants said that because of poor heating quality last year, the house is not hot, so this year is not high household contributions. "Coal to gas" effect of heating oil and gas in the leadership of the staff, yesterday afternoon visited the group has arrived in Delingha, the civil aviation No. 52 Jiashuyuan rum company jiazhuyuan coal gas project area. It is understood that, due to the signing of the construction contract late, so the construction of these areas were carried out, affecting the residents of heating on time. Some residential construction workers are paying close attention to prefabricated pipe, home hanging boiler, heating is expected to achieve as soon as possible. Some small coal-fired boilers have been demolished, the tenants and the construction side of the construction design has not yet reached a consensus, some areas due to serious need of excavation of the road network aging period is longer, so to the residents of the heating, heavy-hearted for winter heating. The same district a few warm a few cool house one residential district heating has been a household to reflect more problems. Reporters visited yesterday learned that, although the property has started heating pressure test on the 13, but the district A District due to pressure on the pipe network problems, there is no normal heating. But B district has been normal heating, 10:50, the reporter followed the staff to the building 3 households in the home temperature measurement, from the 18 floor has been to the floor of the building, the household temperature in the home is about 20 degrees.  

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