Fire Department of the major shopping malls in Xining fire safety checks

news network, Qinghai Province, the city’s three fire department consisting of a joint inspection team on the city of Xining city trade bridge, West Street department store, Mitutoyo shopping malls and other units of fire safety sudden

hit check to ensure that the "two sessions" and during the Spring Festival Fire safety.

the focus of this special inspection is the evacuation of all kinds of sites, safety exits are open; automatic fire facilities and fire equipment is running properly; personnel crowded places are contrary to

method for the storage or use of flammable and explosive chemical dangerous goods; whether or not to lock the safe exit during the business hours at night; the implementation of the fire safety management system.

inspection team in the evacuation of the three shopping malls, exits, fire facilities and other checks found that the unit is generally inspected fire door closed door damage, lack of publicity slogans

lack or not obvious, fire emergency light is not enough, the fire hydrant can not be used, such as different levels of problems. Inspection team on the existence of more problems in the flyover Trade City ordered deadline for rectification, requiring

Mitutoyo city immediately removed the illegal construction of the evacuation channel. At the same time, the requirements of these three shopping malls to strengthen management, strengthen education and publicity, increase staff training efforts to eliminate

from the source

in addition to fire hazards.

it is understood that, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the special inspection work, recently, the provincial fire brigade will also set up eight inspectors group in the province to carry out shopping malls, markets, hotels, restaurants

and high-rise buildings and other crowded places as the focus of fire safety special inspection to prevent and curb the occurrence of major fire accidents. The province’s first line of fire duty will also be adjusted to increase

duty police, to strengthen the fire water, duty vehicles and equipment inspection, maintenance and maintenance, fire fighting and rescue drills, solid fire fighting and rescue preparations.

(author: Da Ying Ying)


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