A code for food security

As long as the mobile phone pats milk products on the two-dimensional bar code, the public will be able to get the detailed information from quarantine to enter the retail market, make sure to drink safe milk "; if you buy is pollution-free vegetables and fruits, and patted the bar code at a glance, it is a security label of fruits and vegetables""…… This is not a mobile information ", it has been a true blue fantasy into thousands of homes of ordinary people.

it is understood that, in early May of this year, China Mobile began a pilot to promote the food circulation traceability system in Hubei city of Yichang. Less than two months, the city of all dairy operators and the use of the food wholesale business of 100% of China Mobile’s food traceability system, to achieve the food to have a shadow to go". The majority of people only need to agricultural products through China Mobile mobile phone barcode scanning of vegetables, fruits, meat products, dairy products, you can query to its suppliers, production base, test report and other specific information, and timely report false, false information, from "farm to table" vegetable production, circulation and consumption of whole process monitoring. China Mobile food circulation electronic traceability system pilot successful and officially opened for the Yichang city food safety increased a science and technology insurance".

according to the relevant person in charge of China Mobile, the food circulation traceability system detailed records of food information, including batch number, manufacturer, inspection certificate, shelf life, and the business license to the supplier number, relevant qualifications, and some imported food, through the bar code system also can find out the customs inspection and quarantine supervision units and other information time. The problem of food will be automatically locked system, business users can not be sold two times, the business sector can also be found in time, and supervision, tracing, timely remedial measures to control the situation.

in Yichang Dongshan large market sales of dairy products, is buying milk Song said, now buy, she will use the phone to scan the humble bar code. "This system is simple to operate, with him later, rest assured, sweep on the line." Ms. song said.

the store owner told the author, with the help of China Mobile food circulation electronic traceability system platform, the purchase also do not have to worry about the quality of food. It is not only the characteristics of agricultural products and do the exclusive "identity card", but also convenient for consumers to identify the "live", the store sales also played a significant role in promoting.

(author: Division Cheng Sen)


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