Give full play to the role of the full support of economic development

8 22, the Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong went to the provincial tax bureau research tax work.

Zhang Guangrong came to the Provincial Bureau of import and export tax service hall, a detailed understanding of business tax and so on, and with the cadres and workers of the forum. Zhang Guangrong pointed out that in recent years, the province’s tax system conscientiously implement the provincial government and the State Administration of taxation policy deployment, adhere to the tax law, optimize tax services, actively reform and innovation, dedicated to duty to complete the task, for the province’s economic and social development provides a strong support.

Zhang Guangrong stressed that the national tax departments at all levels should firmly establish the overall sense of responsibility and consciousness of development, give full play to their functions, pay close attention to revenue, to ensure the completion of the annual target task to realize the target of the major economic indicators in the. To play a good role in tax support and guidance, earnestly implement preferential tax policies, and vigorously support the development of market players and tax revenue growth, to boost the supply side structural reforms. To strengthen the camp changed to increase tracking supervision, deepen the analysis and calculation, to ensure smooth operation. To further consolidate and improve the bank tax cooperation ", the country land tax cooperation achievements in reform, improve the administration and service means, to promote the integration of information technology and administration in depth, to construct a new harmonious relationship. Must adhere to strict management, earnestly implement the a pair of responsibility, strengthen the system construction, and effectively use the system of tubes steward. We must continue to strengthen the style of work, consolidate and enhance the construction of characteristic culture and spiritual civilization, and further establish a good image of the cadres.


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