13th Five-Year will raise the overall level of urban infrastructure construction


13th Five-Year" period, our province will be the main starting point in the city, county and 80 key towns, multi-channel financing, promote all kinds of urban infrastructure construction, promote urban management scientific, standardized and refined.

it is understood that this year, our province will continue to promote the city and the conditions of the construction of urban underground pipe gallery, formulated the "opinions" on promoting the construction of urban underground pipe gallery, Xining city as soon as possible to start the construction of three kilometer underground pipe gallery, Beichuan, Xichuan Nanchuan demonstration project, to be completed by 40 km above the construction task of years. Sea east city to promote the integration of the core area and the old city underground pipe gallery construction, the completion of the construction of more than 16 km of new construction tasks.

at the same time, formulated "on the implementation of the views of" sponge city construction, the sponge city concept into the whole process of urban planning, design, construction and management of city, District, park and the transformation of the old city to fully implement the requirements of the sponge city construction. Organizing the compilation of technical guidelines and Design Atlas of sponge city construction, speeding up the construction of urban infrastructure and the development of green towns. In addition, the province will also promote clean urban sanitation action. All will be in accordance with the requirements of the state air pollution and water pollution prevention action plan and the provincial government, and vigorously promote urban environmental sanitation, urban road dust control and construction waste disposal, sewage treatment and city black odor water governance, improve urban environmental features and habitat ecological environment level.

is expected to 2020, the province city and County Road area per capita reached 16.2 square meters and 16.5 square meters, sewage treatment rate reached 95% and 85% respectively, living garbage treatment rate reached 95% and 75% respectively, the public water supply coverage reached 93% and 90% respectively, the gas penetration rate reached 95% and 50% respectively, the built-up area green rate reached 38% and 12% respectively, the underground pipe network coverage and improve construction level.


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