710 million into the province’s agricultural development projects

This year, the provincial finance departments to implement the new rural construction of new pastoral area of eight practical projects, invested 719 million yuan of special funds, highlighting the people’s livelihood infrastructure construction, increase investment in agricultural comprehensive development, comprehensive agricultural development project fully completed the construction of new rural project plan in eight.

in order to highlight the construction of infrastructure, arrangements for the implementation of the comprehensive agricultural development project 126, the land management project 61, project 64, the industrialization of modern agriculture park pilot project 1. Land management projects including water conservancy infrastructure engineering, agricultural engineering, field roads, breeding pasture fence, livestock stalls etc. farmers and herdsmen directly benefit, to promote agricultural development mode change and increase the income of farmers. Through the implementation of the project, this year our province new improved irrigation area of 273 thousand and 800 acres, saving 48 million 330 thousand cubic meters of water, increase the protection of farmland forest area of 33 thousand and 800 mu, expand the seed planting area of 20 thousand and 200 acres, add 11 million 298 thousand kg of grain, to ensure the production of development.  

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