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first_imgAtami Onsen – A Wonderful Hot Spring Resort Near Tokyo In addition to Atami Onsen, Atami’s surrounding areas are home to various onsen resorts, including Izusan Onsen, Izu Yugawara Onsen, and Minami-Atami Onsen in the Taga and Ajiro districts. Here we’ll talk about each onsen’s special characteristics.Atami OnsenPeople refer to the onsen resort areas around Atami City as Atami Onsen, but strictly speaking, Atami Onsen only refers to the hot springs in Atami proper. As we will explain below, it has the most hot springs of any onsen quarter in Japan. Many of these places are by Atami’s coastline, making it a possible to fully enjoy a resort getaway feeling. In addition, Atami Sun Beach is just a few minutes away from the onsen quarter on foot.Izu Yugawara OnsenThe onsen area by JR Yugawara Station, a stop away from Atami Station, is Yugawara Onsen. The area of Yugawara includes the prefectural border between Kanagawa and Shizuoka, with the Chitose River in the middle. Within Yugawara, the Atami onsen on the Shizuoka side of the river is called Izu-Yugawara Onsen. Its appeal is the location of its traditional inn, where you can get a good view of the mountains.The hot spring effects are the same as those in Atami Onsen.Izusan OnsenAlong with Hyogo’s Arima Onsen and Ehime’s Dogo Onsen, Izusan Onsen is considered one of Japan’s three great onsens. It is sourced from Hashiri-Yu, which was discovered about 1300 years ago. From Atami Station, it is in Izu, in the northeast of Atami. By car, it is a few minutes away.The hot spring effects are the same as those in Atami Onsen.Ajiro Onsen (Minami-Atami Onsen)13 minutes from JR Atami Station on the JR Ito Line, Ajiro Onsen is in the vicinity of Ajiro Station on the Izu peninsula. Ajiro was a prosperous port during the Edo era, and offers gourmet seafood dining to visitors.The hot spring effects mainly deal with chills, as well as nerve, muscle and joint pain.Izu-Taga Onsen (Minami-Atami Onsen)Izu-Taga Onsen is between Ajiro Onsen, in the southern part of town, and Atami Onsen. The closest Station is Izu-Taga Station on the Ito Line, nine minutes from JR Atami Station. Nagahama Beach is a few minutes away on foot.The hot spring effects mainly deal with chills, as well as nerve, muscle and joint pain.Day Trip Dips: Atami Onsen Spots (For Short Visits) Atami is an onsen resort area in Shizuoka Prefecture, 50 minutes away from Tokyo by shinkansen, which makes it great for day trips. One of Japan’s leading onsen areas, it boasts a plethora of hot spring options, and a vast number of bathing facilities.Atami Onsen is rich with history, having originally opened in the Nara era (710-794), and appears in books dated as far back as the year 1200. In addition, the first Edo-era shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, took a liking to the springs, and actually took casks of the water back to Edo (now Tokyo). For that reason, other daimyo (feudal lords) made frequent trips to Atami, and many literary figures also visited during the Meiji era.Table Of Contents1. The Effects of Atami’s Hot Spring Water2. Atami Area Guide3. Day Trip Tips: Atami Onsen Spots4. Atami Day Trip Bath Prices5. Atami Foot Bath Facilities6. What Is The Atami Shichi-Yu Meguri?7. Recommended Lodging In Atami8. Helpful Information For Your TripThe Effects of Atami’s Hot Spring Water 1. Ryori Ryokan Nagisa-kanNagisa-kan has eight different kinds of baths, all with different appearances, for visitors to enjoy. The facility has an open-air bath where you can gaze out at the sea, as well as a cave-style bath surrounded by rocks. Six of the eight baths can be reserved for private use. From “Kan-ichi,” the open-air bath on the top floor, you can get an unbroken view of the Pacific Ocean.Here, after taking a bath, you can use a private room for three and a half hours. We recommend that people on day trips take some time to relax, soak in the water, and enjoy the Atami scenery.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Nagisa-cho 11-11Phone: 0557-81-5054Access: 15 minutes from JR Atami Station on footHours for onsen day trippers: 11:30~17:00Admission: 4500 yen *includes use of the private room for three and a half hours (before tax)Website: Nagisa-kan/2. Hot Spring Inn, Mikan No KiThe appeal of Mikan No Ki lies in its directly sourced onsen. Enjoy an open-air bath in a rock bathtub, indoor baths, foot massage baths and more. Of course, in addition to the open-air bath, you can really feel the Japanese vibe of the decor in the indoor baths and foot massage baths.Sourced by a weak alkali spring called Aonuma-Yu, this onsen’s waters are known to help with muscle pain, chills and nerve pain, as well as skin beautification.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Higashi Kaigan-cho 1-11Phone: 0557-81-1533Access: 10 minutes from JR Atami Station on footHours for onsen day trippers: 13:30-18:00 (last entry)Admission: 1230 yenWebsite: Mikan No Ki3. Nikko-tei O-YuHere you can enjoy the waters at O-Yu, a representative onsen of Atami, even visited by Tokugawa Ieyasu. The directly sourced spring is not diluted or heated by external sources. It was originally a ryokan, so you can enjoy the Japanese feel of the wooden interior architecture.The indoor baths and half-open outdoor baths, which have their own aspects, shift daily between use for male guests and for female guests. Some baths can be rented out, as welll. After a soak, you can take a break in the spacious rest area for free.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Kamijuku-choPhone: 0557-83-6021Access: 12 minutes from JR Atami Station on foot, six minutes from JR Kinomiya Station on footHours: 9:00-20:00Closed: Tuesday (if Tuesday is a holiday, the following day becomes a holiday instead)Admission: 1000 yen (adults), 500 yen (children)Website: Nikko-tei O-Yu4. KKR Hotel AtamiAt this hotel, you can make use of a private, directly-sourced onsen. In addition to the open-air baths, you can also enjoy an ocean view from the large public baths, which look out onto the expanse of the Sagami-Nada Sea.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Kasuga-cho 7-39Phone: 0557-85-2000Access: 10 minutes from JR Atami Station on footHours for onsen day trippers: 11:00-20:00 (varies by day)Confirm on homepageAdmission: 1600 yen (face towel included)Website: KKR Atami 5. Otsuki Hotel WafukanIn addition to wide bathtubs for guests to leisurely soak in, the hotel also used 300 year-old umbrella pines in the construction of its interior and the open-air baths. The source spring, Fujisawa-Yu, boasts plentiful metasilicic acid content, an ingredient famous for its skin beautifying properties. Bathers will emerge with lush, silky skin.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Higashikaigan-cho 3-19Phone: 0557-81-6111Access: 12 minutes from JR Atami Station on footHours for onsen day trippers: 12:30-20:00 (last entry)Admission: 1800 yen (adults), 900 yen (children) (face towel, bath towel rental included)Website: Wafuukan6. Atami Yu-No-Yado OkawaThis spot has bathtubs that span over two meters in diameter, made from ancient cypress trees. In this facility with rich character, bathers can enjoy the waters from directly-sourced springs.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Minaguchi-choPhone: 0557-81-6288Access: 7 minutes from Atami Station by taxi, 5 minutes on foot from JR Kinomiya StationHours for onsen day trippers: 18:00-23:00Admission: 1200 yen (indoor baths), 1500 yen (a private bath for 45 minutes) (includes face towel, bath towel rental)Website: Okawa7. Yuyado IchibanchiSituated in a great location, only two minutes away from JR Atami Station on foot, Yuyado directly sources its onsens: Basho-no-Yu, which looks down on the sea and the Atami townscape, and Koyo-no-Yu, which was made using the famous stones that comprised the walls of Edo Castle. There are also two indoor baths, which alternate between use for male and female guests.For the private baths, there are luxurious relaxation rooms available for use after you’re finished. Reserve the private baths beforehand.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Kasuga-cho 1-2Phone: 0557-81-3651Access: 2 minutes from JR Atami Station on footHours: 13:00-18:00, Private baths 14:00- 15:00- 16:00-Admission: 1400 yen (face towel rental included), 3500 yen (a private bath for 50 minutes) (towel rental included)Website: Yuyado Ichibanchi8. Heartpia AtamiAt the privately sourced onsens in Heartpia Atami, you can relax and enjoy reclining baths, jet baths, low-temperature saunas and more. You can also use the spacious relaxation rooms for free, and you can get a real steal – a luxury lunch and access to the onsens – for just 2200 yen. It’s a deal you can only find at hotels.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Izusan 717-18Phone: 0120-405-056Access: 5 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Atami StationHours for onsen day trippers: 10:30-16:00 (last entry at 15:00)Admission: 900 yen (adults), 450 yen (children under elementary school age)Website: Heartpia Atami9. Atami Seaside ResortAtami Seaside Resort has spacious public baths, sourced by precious direct hot springs. From the window of the rock baths you can see the ocean, and you can monopolize the hot water in the pot bathtubs. Your mind and body will be comforted by these various baths. For an additional charge, enjoy the ocean view from a luxury relaxation room after your bath.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Higashikaigan-cho 6-53Phone: 0557-82-8111Access: 8 minutes from JR Atami Station on footHours: 15:00-21:00Admission: 1000 yen for admission to the baths, 6150 yen for additional access to a private room (reservations for two guests or more) (towel rental included)Website: Atami SeasideAtami Onsen Day Trip PricesAs you can see from the places we listed above, you can expect to pay around 1000 yen to 2000 yen , excluding charges for private rooms or private bath rentals.There are also public bathhouses in Atami, separate from the places we introduced. Admission to these bathhouses is a few hundred yen. The cheap prices and good water quality means that they are beloved by locals. However, when taking things like relaxation rooms, dining options and the availability of foreign language support into account, we recommend that tourists go to hotels, ryokan onsens, or onsens meant for day trips.Atami Onsen Foot Bath Facilities There are several foot bath facilities in Atami, like most onsen resort areas. They are free to use, so please take advantage of them.Ieyasu-No-YuThis natural hot spring foot bath is located right in front of JR Atami Station, built to commemorate the fourth centennial anniversary of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s visit. It is cleaned every morning, so you can have peace of mind about its hygiene. The next day’s water is directly sourced. Towels are available at the vending machine for 100 yen. Be aware that the foot bath closes at 4 PM.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Tawaramoto-cho 11-1 (in front of Atami Station)Hours: 9:00-16:00Closed: No fixed holidaysThe Foot Bath At Atami Plum GardenThe Atami Plum Garden is one of the town’s scenic highlights, famed for its early-blooming plum trees and late-changing fall foliage. Within the garden, visitors will find 472 trees of 59 different varieties – including trees over a century old – as well as roughly 380 maple trees. Fully enjoy the natural beauty of Japan’s four seasons at this garden. Visitors can also join several festivals: the plum festival from mid-January to early March, the new green festival from May to June, and the autumn leaves festival from mid-November to early December.The foot bath in the garden is free. The plum festival and the autumn leaves festival are in the colder months, so by all means, take advantage of it to warm yourself up.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Baien-cho 8-11Phone: 0557-86-6218 (Atami City Park Maintenance Office)Hours: Park is always open (lighting is set up during the autumn leaves festival)Closed: No fixed holidaysAdmission: 300 yen during the autumn leaves festival, free during other seasons*The foot bath is available for use from 10 AM to 4 PMWebsite: Atami Plum GardenWhat Is The Atami Shichi-Yu Meguri?According to Onsen Banzai, a book from the Atami City Tourism Business Bureau, when Atami Onsen was discovered, a spring in the central part of the city spontaneously spouted water across the ground and pointed toward the sea. After that, natural disasters and the like affected Atami, as well. With time, certain places in the city started to gush water, and they came to be called the Seven Hot Springs of Atami. At places like Nikko-tei O-Yu and Seizaemon-no-Yu in the Furuya ryokan, you can actually bathe in some of the Seven Hot Springs.In addition, there is a monument that recreates scenes of the Seven Hot Springs of Atami and the onsens from the original time period, Atami Shichi-Yu Meguri, where you can stroll around. It is one of the highlights of any Atami visit. While it is man-made, the hot water shooting up from the ground is from real hot springs.O-Yu KanketsusenUp until the Taisho era, there were many hot spring geysers, but they declined in number after the Great Kanto Earthquake. In 1962, O-Yu Kanketsusen was re-engineered to create an artificial geyser, which still exists today.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Kamjuku-cho 3Kawara-YuIn the past, this dry riverbed was the villagers’ bathing area. It is said that an unending rush of spring water once spurted up from under these clattering rocks.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Ginza-cho 12 Sajiro-no-Yu or Me-no-YuSajiro-no-Yu got its name from its location on the estate of a man called Sajiro. The almost entirely-pure spring water has very little salt content, and is said to be good for burns and eye problems. People also call it Me-no-Yu.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Ginza-cho 10Seizaemon-no-YuSeizaemon-no-Yu got its moniker from a peasant of the same name. Long ago, Seizaemon apparently fell into this pot of hot water and died. Steam rises from this spot, and gives visitors the impression that they’re in a hot spring.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Higashikaigan-cho 1Furo-no-Yu, Mizu-no-YuThis hot spring has been on the west side of the Fukushima-ya ryokan for many years. Because of its vigorous steam generation, the ryokan uses it to steam manju and heat up the sake sold at the inn. The eastern part of Furo-no-Yu, about a meter and a half in size, has no salt content in its hot spring, and there is still a record of that spot being called Mizu-no-Yu.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Sakimi-cho 1Kosawa-no-Yu, Heizaemon-no-YuSituated on the Atami Onsen road in former Kosawa-cho, this hot spring was named Heizaemon-no-Yu for its location on the estates of Yazaemon Sawaguchi, Bunjiro Fuji and Sanzaemon Yonekura. It was also called Kosawa-no-Yu for the township.You can use the high-temperature steam from Kosawa-no-Yu to boil eggs. However, sometimes weather and other factors can affect the steam and water temperature, rendering it unusable. Buy some raw eggs from the surrounding stores and try it out for yourself. The steam vent is extremely hot, so take care not to touch it.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Ginza-cho 14Nonaka-no-YuSet at the foot of Mt. Nonaka in Atami City, surrounded by what is now the Fujimori Inari region. Apparently, the hot water is bubbling beneath the muddy earth, and if you pierce the mud with a stick, water will blast out.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Sakimi-cho 7Recommended Lodging In Atami Atami’s main onsens are chloride springs. With heavy salt content similar to seawater, chloride springs are particularly good for warming the body, fighting off chills, and alleviating nerve, muscle and joint pain.Some of Atami’s onsens are sulfur springs, which can be good for skin diseases, cuts, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other medical issues. By the way, we recommend taking baths from directly sourced onsens. These onsens are directly supplied by water pumped from underground, without heating or diluting the spring water, then expel the pumped water without reusing it. Many of the onsen facilities in Atami are of this precious variety.Atami Area Guide There are so many places to stay in Atami, it’s hard to pick just a few. The MATCHA editorial team put together a list of ten Atami hotel and inn recommendations. Lazing about in a Japanese ryokan wearing a yukata, and taking a dip in the bath, is something special you can only do in an onsen town.1. Furuya RyokanEstablished in 1806, this inn owns Seizaemon, one of the Seven Hot Springs of Atami. Naturally, you can enjoy this famous spring, with hot water pouring directly from the source. It also has open-air bath access for each guest room. You will love the purely Japanese vibe of the rooms and building, the beautiful and delicious kaiseki meals, and the scrupulous service.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Higashikaigan-cho 5-24Phone: 0557-81-0001Access: 15 minutes from JR Atami Station on foot, five minutes by taxiWebsite: Furuya2. Hoshino Resort KaiAt this resort inn, you can revel in hot spring baths sourced by one of Japan’s Three Great Ancient Springs, Hashiri-Yu from Izusan Onsen. After you luxuriate in the chic, modern and Japanese open-air baths, face out onto the ocean and enjoy the scenery from the jutting Blue Ocean terrace, which seems to be almost floating. Japanese and Western-style guest rooms are available. We recommend Kai for people who would like to enjoy a luxury trip.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Izusan 750-6Phone: 0570-073-011(+81-50-3786-1144 for international phones)Access: 5 minutes by taxi from JR Atami StationWebsite: Kai3. ShinkadoyaShinkadoya can boast guest rooms with access to open-air baths that get their hot water from a direct source. From the Tenku open air baths and the guest room terraces, you can get an unbroken view of Atami. Relax and enjoy a meal in your pure Japanese-style room.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Koarashi-cho 14-8Phone: 0557-81-6185Access: 8 minutes from JR Atami Station by car, 5 minutes from Kinomiya Station on the Ito LineWebsite: Shinkadoya4. Yume IrohaAt this ryokan, you can relax in a directly sourced hot spring and get a breakfast included in your room rate for around 5000 yen. A dinner and breakfast plan costs about 10,000 yen. While there may be a limit to your budget, we recommend Yume Iroha for people who want to soak in high-quality water.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Sakimi-cho 4-6Phone: 0557-82-1151Access: 15 minutes from JR Atami Station on footWebsite: Yume Iroha5. SanpeisoEstablished 60 years ago, visitors can enjoy the elegant open-air baths at this inn. Rooms are equipped with open-air bath access. There is also a garden, and you can immerse yourself in the Japanese vibe of this facility.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Mizoguchi-cho 1-7Phone: 0557-81-5191Access: 5 minutes from JR Atami Station or Kinomiya Station by taxi, 15 minutes on footWebsite: Sanpeiso6. TaiseikanThe interior of Taiseikan has six baths, and you can enjoy a mini-onsen tour by taking a dip in each one. The water is directly sourced. The rooms are Japanese-style and modern, with a relaxed vibe.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Shimotaga 141Phone: 0557-68-2221Access: 15 minutes from JR Atami Station on foot, 5 minutes from JR Ajiro StationWebsite: Taiseikan7. Atami Onsen Hotel KanichiThis hotel has its own directly sourced onsen. Guests can savor the spectacular openness of the sweeping view of Shoshima and Sagami Bay, available from the big indoor baths and the observation open air baths (2160 yen for 40 minutes, front desk reservation required).Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Higashikaigan-cho 1-2Phone: 0557-81-3595Access: 13 minutes from JR Atami Station on footWebsite: Atami Kanichi8. Atami Hotel Paipu No KemuriThis hotel has natural open-air baths and other large baths, and you can also use privately-reserved baths. One night’s stay with two meals will cost from 6900 yen to 11,500 yen. The dinner buffet offers Japanese, Western and Chinese food, and a select all-you-can-drink menu. Paipu No Kemuri is a great bargain.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Nishiyama-machi 16-53Phone: 0557-86-1777Access: 10 minutes from JR Atami Station by taxiWebsite: Paipu No Kemuri9. Atami’s Parlor Room, The Yamanoue HotelGet a great view of the ocean, mountains and night sky from the onsens at this hotel. Guests can use stone-hewn open air baths and jacuzzis, and even rent out private baths for free. Relax in the calm atmosphere of your Japanese room. A one-night stay with two meals included is about 10,000 yen, which is a great value for money.Address: Shizuoka, Atami City, Momijigaoka-choPhone: 0557-81-0241Access: 8 minutes by taxi from JR Atami StationWebsite: Yamanoue HotelUseful Information For Your TripGet rid of your worries about proper bathing etiquette with our helpful primer.Bath Culture In Japan: What Every Visitor Should Know Ahead Of TimeTraveling to Japan in the winter? Check out what kind of clothes you need to pack:Visiting Japan In Winter 2017-2018: Temperatures, Clothing, Travel TipsWhere can you exchange foreign currency? Head to a bank or 7-Eleven ATM.Four Ways To Get Cash In JapanWhen you’re out of pocket money, look for any ATM with a Plus insignia to use cashing services with no hassle.Where You Can Find ATMsHere are some useful Japanese phrases you can use when you’re staying at a hotel.10 Japanese Phrases You Can Use At A HotelTo use the convenient free wi-fi services in Japan, download this app beforehand.Where To Find Free Wi-Fi In Japan – Japan Connected-Free Wi-FiUse these articles as a guide, and enjoy your onsen experience in Atami!last_img

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