Carefully build the city beautiful scenery line Xining 09 years of practical things for the people o

recently learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, this year, the city’s environmental protection departments to seriously implement the 2009 urban construction projects for the private things, and strive to implement the government’s commitment.

[ ] the contents of the project investment of 9 million yuan, the chromium slag disposal test project started within the city; investment 1 million 700 thousand yuan, the new 2 air automatic monitoring stations in key areas of air quality forecast project; investment 4 million yuan, completed 250 sets of 356 tons of steam coal fired boiler renovation project.

[ ] the implementation of loan of 9 million 800 thousand yuan of funds in advance to carry out the test of 10 thousand tons of chromium slag disposal; investment of 1 million 700 thousand yuan, the new site 2 air automatic monitoring, the monitoring station construction, housing installation and interior line layout has been completed, will be put into use after the commissioning of the equipment investment 4 million yuan, completed; 250 356 tons of steam coal-fired boiler renovation, at the same time, the municipal environmental protection department and the county government to carry out a comprehensive pollution control work, and fully overfulfilled the task of governance.

, who lives in the south mountain high aunt said, her every morning to the Nanshan exercise, before seeing from the hill of Xining, one is always gray, a little far from the building are not clear, now to the Nanshan, see high-rise buildings everywhere, more beautiful city, the main reason Xining is the city’s air quality is better than before.

, who lives in the Beichuan River, said Yang, the first two years of the Beichuan river often see white foam, the smell of the river is also very unpleasant. This year, the environmental protection departments to punish the pollution of the upper reaches of the Beichuan River, so that the river is more clear than before, and there is no stench, the river has become a good place for people to walk leisurely.


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