Dubai gold Chinese hawkers selling trinkets annual net profit of 1 million 700 thousand

Dubai is a wonderful city, given the impression of people, this is a gold everywhere gold region, the residents here are rich that is expensive, and if you come here, you will find here is a good place to start.

where the highway quality and road car brand may be rare in developed countries; but why still regard Dubai as an "emerging market", because this business opportunity is basically similar to the last century in 90s Chinese. Dubai is like a "big site", an edifice still to rise; in addition, the average educational level is still relatively low, the University popularity rate is much less than developed countries.

During the

"First Financial Daily" the reporter visited a number of stay in Dubai, where to live, work Chinese, almost everyone can become an inspirational story of entrepreneurship.

start empty-handed

"came to Dubai, I just do the waiter in the hotel. I am responsible for the pool field at that time, the main task is to send water to guests tea and rest in the pool, 2500 dirhams per month (about 4000 yuan) basic salary, plus tips and the hotel’s welfare subsidies, month income in 5000 dirhams, hotel Baochibaozhu, and this is the basic public health. Not what extra spending, despite a very comfortable life, health services, but compared to the domestic white-collar students have much more comfortable." Mr. Wu told reporters.

"because no local manufacturing, especially in light industry, and this is the Middle East’s largest distribution center for small commodities market, the Middle East, Africa many wholesalers are here to import some of the commodity China, some domestic production of a few dollars or even a few cents gadgets sold only can make the difference now, my gross margins remain above 50%." Wu told reporters.

"dragon" is the largest in the Middle East is recommended

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