2012 taxi love sent to the successful conclusion of the test

in order to help the candidates to safe, fast, punctual arrival of examination, promote the taxi industry civilization, Xining city civilization office, Xining city traffic bureau, Xining traffic radio station and other units jointly launched in May 2nd 2012 love to send test, care of future large city civilization of public welfare activities.

the college entrance examination in love to send test of Taxi: more than 1100 times; free shipping candidates more than 2100 people; one of a shuttle candidates Taxi: 34 cars, a shuttle test: 272 passengers up.

Xining city taxi love team free to send candidates as a civilized traffic activities and public welfare undertakings, 8 years has been more and more prosperous, voluntarily participate in the activities of the taxi a year more than a year, especially this year, some private owners also added to this event in the past. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the influence of the activities, the community is also actively offer advice, support, so that the momentum is growing, the effect is getting better and better. Effectively enhance the image of the city’s taxi industry civilization.









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