Taiwan Tea Workshop join successful entrepreneurial choice

in our life, there will always be demand for tea. Heard that the Taiwan tea workshop to join the project, is very good. Small business to choose Taiwan tea workshop? An open their own Taiwan workshop tea stores, the shop is made! Good business!

Taiwan tea chain workshop was founded in 1999, its original "Taiwan workshop" hand tea, harmony, soft and fragrant, lead a person to endless aftertastes favored consumers. After many years of intensive market development, has developed three kinds of Taiwan workshop stores (boutiques, shops, luxury standard shop), eight categories (tea series, fruit juice series, fresh tea series, Smoothie series, milkshake series, snow bubble series, coffee series, dessert Series), more to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

2008 was established in Xiamen Shun Cci Capital Ltd, Taiwan workshop began a large-scale expansion of the road. In recent years, invested nearly one million of funds, to enhance the "Taiwan workshop" brand image, optimize the supply chain management, enhance the concept of service team, for the purpose of creating a good and excellent "Taiwan workshop" tea chain business leading brands and tea industry benchmark enterprise conscience.

Taiwan workshop adhere to the "green drinks, quality of the brand concept of healthy life" and "natural service brand, service concept is inevitable, respect customers" cautious and strict selection of suppliers and franchisees, brand management in ten years to win the praise of consumers, with "quality is the cornerstone of good hard truth" to win the trust of consumers. Today, covering the city, including Xiamen, Putian, Shanghai and other cities, a total of more than and 10 stores.

as long as it is recognized by consumers delicious, always very attractive, with the choice of business opportunities. If you join the workshop on Taiwan tea project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on! To realize our dream of wealth! Don’t hesitate!

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