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is still a lot of people in the current choice, however, for the generation of 80 after this choice is not so much, and the hero of this article has been such a success. Late autumn afternoon, in the town of Qingjian County, a town of white jade Li Li village, a farm yard, flocks of scattered broiler chickens bathed in warm sunshine in the yard, ditch, hillside foraging. The owners of these chickens are a couple of young couple after 80, they began to start in the village in 2011, run a scattered broiler farms.

1986 was born in 1987 and Han Nianfeng was born in, high school students, similar to the unfortunate family so that they give up the opportunity to go to college, early into the community. 06 years after graduating from high school, they went to work together in Shanghai. Shi Jianhua and his husband and wife, although young, but they are born with the spirit of the kind of unyielding spirit of the 80 after the. During the period of working in Shanghai, the monthly meager wages can only maintain their basic life, in the face of family, life and other pressures, they began to plan to change the status quo.

to change the status quo of life, we must dare to challenge themselves, accumulate experience and fight a piece of their own world." This sentence has always inspired them, during this time, while they work, while looking for entrepreneurial road. Husband and wife two people know that they grew up in the countryside, only the countryside is suitable for their own fertile soil for entrepreneurship, so they see the most is the central of the seven sets of wealth information.

on the first entrepreneurial mind, Shi Jianhua said: "with the improvement of people’s living standard and the importance of food safety, consumers of food more pursuit of ecology, natural and green, so we have to go home to do farm." After, thoughtful and careful market research in 2011, Mrs. Shi Jianhua decided to return to the home backyard division Jianhua founded broiler farms, because there are hills around Shi Jianhua home around the courtyard, no pollution, abundant water resources, convenient transportation, very suitable for the development of three-dimensional culture.

venture capital at first, they only work from Shanghai to save more than ten thousand yuan in cash, which is all of their start-up funds. Shi Jianhua had bought 860 chicks with the money, the couple is building its own nest in the yard. In order to allow their own chickens to achieve the bulk of the breeding, pollution-free requirements, Shi Jianhua couple reading, access to information on the Internet, training and other ways to learn chicken breeding technology and epidemic prevention process.

a few months later, the first batch of chickens can be listed. Shi Jianhua excitedly riding a three wheeled motorcycle, with his chicken in the market to sell, one day down even one has not sold out, or even nobody cares. After he came back to ponder, how to make his chicken open market. "Only allow customers to really understand my scattered broiler meat is good, in order to open the market, I decided to deliver a free tasting." Shi Jianhua says. < recommended

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