The first row of good taste delicious chicken heart – choose entrepreneurship

now a lot of people like to eat chicken, chicken is delicious and unforgettable, in the street alley, there are a lot of young people eat the first large chicken, we evaluate for the first large chicken is very high, the first large chicken as a mature catering brand, continuous development, unlimited business opportunities.


] how large the first chicken

the first large chicken in-depth consumer market research, understand the current consumer demand, using the finest quality raw materials crafted fashion delicacy. The first good Taiwan chicken is a mature brand catering, flexibility and join the management policy, not subject to site constraints, with greater profit space. The first good chicken by special equipment production, the secret sauce pickled, from the source to ensure the healthy and delicious products.


chicken joined the first advantage

1, brand image: the first large chicken headquarters to provide unified logo, name, store image and enterprise VI vision system of the right to use the 100 stores such as an image, contribute to the rapid growth of the store.

2, the entire shop output: from the contract to the opening of the first large chicken headquarters for the various stores throughout the site, to provide care: decoration design, business gifts, pre opening training, to ensure your smooth opening, dicaprio.

3, material support: the first large chicken franchise headquarters to core imitation soup, sauce, to ensure uniform distribution partners benefit of the market, the market can not buy in the management of raw materials in the supply of low-cost long-term cooperation at all levels to provide relevant manufacturers.


the first chicken joined the process

1, through the website message, call the initial understanding of project information.

2, to visit the headquarters, visit stores, confirm the project, submit an application.

3, the headquarters of the franchise stores to investigate and evaluate the audit application.

4, a copy of ID card, one inch photo signed contract, pay fees.

5, guidance staff recruitment, staff training.

6, store uniform design and decoration; headquarters supervision and guidance of construction

7, material distribution headquarters to assist the store trial business.

8, the official business, the headquarters of the follow-up guidance business.

as a popular delicacy, the first large chicken franchise headquarters focusing on innovation, only.

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