Huaihua new ideas for the development of jujube industry help out the whole

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area although in poverty, but has not given up the road of development, every place has its own development characteristics, Huaihua for their poor wife further change the status quo, launched the jujube industry help poverty. "We are here to dry, but the development of jujube industry is a good project." Hunan city of Huaihua province Xupu County Shu Rong Xi Xiang Cao Jia Xi Cun villagers Zhang Renhai village on the development of jujube industry is very promising. In January 19th, Jia Tuo Kuang Cao Jia Xi Cun, more than and 10 poor households flying jujube industry poverty base planted saplings.

Shu Rong Xi Xiang is located in the northwest of Xupu, the township is the Karst terrain, high altitude, water is poor, and the forest coverage rate is low, which belongs to the water shortage area. Through in-depth investigation and taking into account the tradition of planting jujube trees, the township decided to plant drought tolerant plant jujube, jujube industry included in the main poverty alleviation industry.

2016 in August, Shu Rong Xi Xiang and Xupu Feixiang Jujube Industry Co Ltd, established the flying jujube industry of farmer cooperatives, and built more than 300 acres of the base in Jia Tuo Kuang Cao Jia Xi Cun, lead the masses to planting jujube. The gold jujube seedlings, cooperatives to provide technical guidance, but also provide jobs for the poor households.

as the saying goes: "want to do things more difficult, based method" in Huaihua with its own advantages, the development of jujube industry at the same time, the local economy has changed dramatically. Poor households and villagers to land shares in the way, so that the stock of resources change, the villagers become investors. It is understood that there are 98 poor households to become the base of investors. Flying jujube farmer cooperatives responsible Shu Qingxiu, Jin jujube harvest yield up to 600 kg or more, the market price of 40 yuan / kg. At that time, the villagers can achieve the goal of ‘1 acres out of poverty, and get rich in the land of 5."

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