2015 female entrepreneurship projects recommended

of women in the society is not what strange things, at the same time, with the continuous development of society, there are also many different female entrepreneurs, next, we take a look at what are more suitable for women entrepreneurship project.

for women business items: farmers residential design industry

for women business items:

special wild boar breeding

the current number of domestic rare wild boar breeding, pig market downturn, wild boar as replacement varieties of pigs, the market is extremely broad. The wild boar in the artificial breeding conditions, green forage diets can be accounted for 60%-70%, so the cost of breeding pigs than low 30%-40%, stronger disease resistance, high survival rate, and its meat is tender and delicious, rich venison, favored by consumers. This year, Xinhua News Agency reported on April 17th, wild boar is currently in Shanghai while 24-28 yuan / kg than the average price of pork expensive several times, but still can not stop the people’s desire for early adopters. In the general city, wild boar meat can be sold 10 yuan per jin.

for women business projects:

Rural Kindergarten

Analysis of

for women business process project: flowers

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