The employment must have legal awareness

although China’s college students are more and more, however, due to the reasons for the education environment, these students are relatively weak sense of law, in addition to what things really do not know how to solve. For this reason, in recent years, the disputes caused by the employment of college students increased. In this regard, "workplace rookie" requires a pair of "magic", to safeguard their rights and interests, to deal with various "venture in the trap".

to the Beijing intermediate people’s court, for example, the hospital nearly 3 years, the average annual labor dispute cases concluded more than 2200 pieces, of which one of the workers in the age of 18 to the age of the case has remained at around 28.

six people in the Beijing court president Zhao Yue believes that the first recruits a higher level of education, diversify, occupation mobility, wide geographical span, the employment situation is grim, the status of both sides of labor relations is not equal to the main causes of the early recruits labor dispute.

in this regard, the judge suggested that the majority of newly appointed staff to set up the contract consciousness, correct understanding the nature of the employment agreement; establish a sense of integrity at the time of signing the contract, cautious positive performance; at the same time, strengthen self-protection awareness, vigilance probation trap. For employers, it should be signed with the labor contract in a timely manner, in strict accordance with the terms of the contract breach of contract damages, and legal and rational use of the probation system to select talent.

similarly, if college students, but also to tighten the law of this string. Entrepreneurship, what is needed is not only a new project, a dynamic team, a vision of investors, but also need to have basic legal knowledge.

failed in many cases, the majority of entrepreneurs in the establishment of the company, attaches great importance to research and development, marketing, finance, personnel, financial slack work, especially on the legal effect of labor law knowledge. Therefore, the costs are often closed up, part.

Zhang worked in a technology company. During the service, the company did not sign a written labor contract with Zhang, and arrears of wages. In desperation, Zhang sued to the court, requiring companies to pay two yuan to pay the labor contract does not sign the difference between wages and other payments.

this, science and technology company, said the company is in the start-up stage, the personnel system is not perfect, it did not sign labor contracts with employees. Zhang is not an ordinary employee, but one of the 5 co founders of the company, he holds a record of the case of the founder of the identity of 20%. Therefore, the company does not need to sign a labor contract with Zhang, also do not have to pay two times the labor contract does not pay the difference.

ultimately, the court held that, although Zhang belongs to one of the shareholders of the company, but he is also a technology company employees, technology companies should be signed in accordance with the law recommended

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