From three kinds of animals to see the spirit of entrepreneurship at different stages

if a person is going to start a business, then he or she must have enough mental reserves, otherwise he or she may not be able to withstand the suffering of the long road. So what kind of entrepreneurial spirit? The author of the following article from three animals to see the spirit of entrepreneurship at different stages of the spirit.

"wolf" can improve the entrepreneur’s ability to open up the market, market insight and ability to dare to charge. Once the entrepreneur has the wolf wolf wolf sharp, fast and team spirit, will let the opponent be terror-stricken. If the entrepreneur is not willing to go to training of "wolf", they will lose their teeth bite opponents, losing the bloodthirsty grappling spirit in the end, will not seize the opportunity, the team will also lack a fighting spirit. Although they also run fully in the market, but often there is no harvest, it is constantly on the run, difficult to survive in the market. The toughness of cattle, so that entrepreneurs steadily

entrepreneurs to the steady development of the middle period of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs have accumulated some wealth, business continues to expand the scale, how to attract a series of problems and how to assimilate the new employees, accumulation of capital and personnel more expanded reproduction and faster development of stable results and to become entrepreneurs, urgent as pressing danger. The entrepreneur needs more tough, harmonious and steady sex "". If entrepreneurs are still using the wolf to do business, it will make entrepreneurs do not pause and think of time, eventually leading to the cause of stagnation and decline entrepreneurs.

"sex" entrepreneurial spirit can make people have more time to think about the next step of development, like practicing Qigong, including without hair, silently through all meridians, and finally into a gas, in the invisible enemy.

If entrepreneurs are still using the "cow" or "wolf" to solve the problem, not only to solve the problem, but also let himself into a good business cycle of rapid demise. Entrepreneurs in this stage if you have the spirit of bees can ride out the storm. Because bees have unity and cooperation, high work

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